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What I Do

Training & Motivational Talks

Current Mission - June 2024

In partnership with Midleton Hub, I've pitched the idea to host a monthly gathering in The Hub comprising of:

1) Light Life Improvement - Fun & Practical

2) Focused Ideas from You - To aid in Re-Connecting People Forwards (People Living in Midleton And East Cork)

The first gathering will be in June, I wish to keep to a 50/50 split on women/men and to hit all demographics from all circles.

If you have a reason, or are passionate about helping in this area (Mental Health) - I would really appreciate it, please make contact, thank you.


Currently available upon request, tailored for your needs.

e.g. #1 'Why You Should Embrace the Power of Life Coaching in the Workplace'

e.g. #2 'Getting Daily Results and Feeling Full-Filled'

e.g. #3 'Personal Power - Focus & Drive'

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Life Coaching

Here we can evaluate together where you are in all your 7 life areas, prioritize them and focus on positive progress.

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Confidence Coaching

Self-Belief and Confidence is everything, these stem from what you believe in, and more, taking massive action is key to your success here

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Sales Support Coaching

Here you have a choice, it is recommended that you dig deep into who you are, how you align with a sales type role and if you wish to be mentored.

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Career Coaching

Whether you're just starting your professional journey, considering a career change, or seeking advancement in your current role, career coaching can provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your professional goals and thrive in your chosen field.

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