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Inside - Power-drive

Need a better focus?

Question: How is today going to go for you, do you know and have you planned some expected results?

If you are reading this on your first day back to work, in the passenger seat of your car, while on holiday, or even before you plan your weekend ‘social activities or housework’, you may be wanting to grow your internal drive to push yourself forwards. We all want to feel alive inside, right?

Let's not get into emotions this early into a blog (please I hear you say), just give me some tips, well bear with me (for let's say another 35 seconds) and then you can scroll to my tips!

Right now what is your state of mind like (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being at its peak) and how often do you intervene and purposely work towards a better state? Take a moment to think about this.

To the point of this blog, the talent that you have inside you, the focus you could put on this talent in this very moment is something that most of us don’t think enough about. Maybe you just need to believe a little more. Talent is a key avenue to investigate if you are consistently trying to grow your motivation.

Throughout our days we have some basic motivation to get by, other days we really want to feel alive inside, to thrive, and push ourselves towards our much sought-after personal goals (when was the last time you checked in on those?).

Personally, I am a massive believer in doing what you love, growing something that is both good for you, and also good for others around you. If you were to focus on your true talent or the love that you have for a given activity, how would that change your state of mind or even your day? By association, if you simply got your mind to power up to a level around this activity, wouldn’t you find it easier to perform a not-so-interesting job, house chore, or activity?

If you want to have some extra motivation and drive on a daily basis, that little extra to feel alive inside, here are some of my top tips that will help.

While focusing on your true talent, ask, what do I want my future to look like?

Plan and do something every day that you believe will push you forwards.

Build something that only you can build.

Believe in yourself!

And most of all keep growing in the process as you feel alive inside.

I truly hope this short blog (journal entry) helps you because guiding and coaching people to find more drive, purpose, and happiness is something I hold dear in my heart. Till we meet sometime, take care and good luck with your day.

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