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Fancy Procrastinating Downwards to Stagnation?

How to 'almost' delete procrastination!

Hey/Hi - What is going on with you? That was not a trick question by the way. I can tell you that things were going on with me - but you may not believe me. Instead of preaching information that you already know, I prefer to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and have a CLEAR & REAL one at the ready.

Not a bad introduction or ice-breaker, don’t you think?

The PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG is to help you to stop procrastinating, and instead, to get you engaged and focused on your chosen activity.

Background: Every day we have multiple experiences and every day we try to live up to our own identity, a term used multiple times in this day and age. Basically, we take actions to meet our needs based on who we believe we are, keyword BELIEF (remember this for later).

“I could do that but it's just not me”

“I love doing that but I have created a really powerful reason, story, or excuse for not doing it”

Therefore, I pose the question, do we really actually stop and think and truly ask ourselves who we really are (now), what we are about, and who we are becoming? I have my opinion on this one and I bet you do as well (if you do stop to think about it, that is). People get so far, sometimes they are lucky enough to have an idea of what want or need, however, they might get stuck or they just may not know how to progress forward.

Quite simply, it gets too painful and In this moment we can all start to procrastinate about something, whereas up to now, great progress and action have potentially already been achieved.

BEFORE this occurred, what did you actually believe about something that was good for you, other people (and even greater than that), something that you were consistent at but suddenly gave up?

If there is something you know you need to do, then why not do it? I bet you have or are procrastinating right now about something. At least I hope so. In a recent experience last week, I ‘took the bull’ by the ‘you know what’ and decided to truly push forward with something that I’ve been struggling with for some time.

During this struggle, older habits started to creep back in, I was finding myself creating those stories that justified this behaviour. And Oh Boy did I feel that LOW DEPRESSING FEELING for 1-2 days (a long time for me). You know that feeling when you feel like you are doing everything but yet you feel like something is missing, that you are wasting your time or there is just no point or purpose?

But luckily it didn’t last long and I got to ‘the other side’.

If you are procrastinating about something, you are most probably associating more pain with it than pleasure, amongst other things. The true danger of long-term procrastination for those important things in your life is that it can lead to what someone once called ‘long term stagnation’ which becomes part of your life, yes your life (not mine). It becomes part of who you are (your identity). And every day you will need to live up to that identity which includes that procrastination part of your life.

To break out of this requires real grit, determination, desire, and a deep understanding of why you already ‘do what you do’. 

You get to choose who you are and then live up to this identity.

Summary Tips (that make sense once you’ve read the above)

  1. You need your own reasons to move forward with the big important things in YOUR life.
  2. You need to know (or change and know) your belief(s) that drive you forward.
  3. One belief might be, that life is about enjoying every moment so I may as well eat whatever I want, another might be I need to be careful what I put in my body because I want to be around for my kids wedding. If you truly believe something, it can drive you forever. You get to choose your reasons, beliefs, and of course who you are (becoming).

Hope this medium-length blog helped you, even a little and if there is something you want, need to change, or achieve, feel free to book in a confidential 30-minute session with me, where WE WILL GET YOUR OUTCOME.