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Beg for Success or Harness the Moment?

Looking to improve something, maybe a skill for example?


I felt the urge to focus my time, specifically on helping fellow sporting players (and those who might be looking to improve a skill) with a mindset approach to raising your chances on the field - when looking for a particular result or outcome.

We all need to progress something, it helps us to grow and to feel alive inside, especially when it comes to an activity that we are passionate about. If you take soccer for example (timely with the world cup), you have two potential outcomes within a high-intensity ‘pressure moment’ - success or failure!

  1. You can hope and even BEG for success (that you get the result you need), OR

  2. You can HARNESS the power of mindset

What would it take to get you to really practice a new skill, whilst maximizing your mindset? Harnessing the power of mindset should be used when practicing in your own time, before you power to the field and join up with your teammates.

You need to go beyond hope and move towards expectation if you are to ‘powerfully prepare’. Then, when that moment on the field arrives, it is just a matter of feeling that same alive moment and following through. Maybe it sounds complex, but it is actually quite simple!

If you stop to think about it, we spend more time observing others and noticing when they are ‘in the zone’ than we do of ourselves. We notice their facial expression, physical movements and even talk about their past record. 

However, do you know when you are mentally at your best, and how to get into your best mental state? How often do you prepare your mind for that given moment, a goal, a performance, a much-needed skill, or a fitness improvement that will differentiate you from your previous self?

Every individual can make a huge difference to a team, a team of 11 soccer players who bond and consistently focus on never-ending improvement (both mentally and physically) can only be headed for success.

My Tips (in the form of Questions, just for you):

  1. Consciously know and visualize (during your own personal practice), that you are going to face this opportunity on the field of play, what exactly does the result need to be?

  2. How much desire do you feel (1-10) you have to drive you to prepare and improve on a particular aspect of your game, and why?

  3. Specifically, what are you focused on in your mind, just before you execute?

  4. What words or driving emotions are being used?

  5. And finally, what does it mean for you to deliver for your team?

There are many more simple tools and strategies that could be added here. Begging for forgiveness or begging for success, the choice is yours, it is completely up to you!

I’ve so often heard that ‘what you practice in private you get rewarded in public’.

Best of luck with your constant and never-ending improvements and if you ever need a little help (mindset), feel free to connect with me, you will not have to beg me for success!

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